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Actual footage on brain seen here


Greetings traveller, I'm David J. Dixon! I'm a voice actor and I like to dabble with digital art! Welcome... to Electric Voicebox Media!

Over the years I've been known as David, Dave, ShockDingo, Shock-Dingo, that-loud-guy-making-voices-who-overthinks-lore-and-comicbook-plots.

This is where I talk a bit about myself, my aims, what you can expect from me and I may also sneak in random factoids about alpacas!

If there's one thing I love, it's a good pizza.  If there's room for more, then it's performing and story telling.  Since I was a kid I loved movies, games, comics and just all sorts of media. For the longest time, I was just a consumer of it all -- kind of like how alpacas mainly subsist on grass -- until middle school when I decided to join my school's theatre class.

From there, I started taking performances seriously and began to try and improve my craft beyond being a goofball in class. Fast-forward to 2005, I saw a fan project that attempted to adapt a popular webcomic series into an animated feature and thus, I dug out an ancient mic that came with typing software from the 90s.

Things did not work out, but it lit a fire in me, I searched out for a place to contribute voice clips and eventually found out that had a mighty need for voice actors for their various games and flash cartoons. Newgrounds is a website that is focused on creating all sorts of content from fan art, to claymation, to flash cartoons and games, to 3d renders and music. It was and is still a great place for new media content creators and is a great place for collaborations.

In the forum section, there was a group thread that was focused on centralizing and supporting voice talent. It helped content creators to post projects and it helped budding voice actors to hone their craft by providing assistance in crafting voice demos, tips and tricks of the trade.

This place helped me to grow my hobby into a professional venture.  From then on, I realized I could do more than just dabble, but actually find my calling in life.

Along the way, I was inspired by the multitude of flash projects onsite and decided to try my hand at making art.  I wasn't...exactly successful with Adobe Flash, but I comfortably settled in with graphic and video editing and would occasionally combine it with voice work.

These days, other than voice acting, you can find my trailer re-cuts, concept reels, re-imaging, logos and visual graphics across the web.

Like I said, I love telling stories and performing, I'm always up for learning new skills and trying out different artistic avenues. I'd definitely love to try my hand at 3d modelling next! Who knows what I'll try next after that! See you then!

What's with the logo?

A good question, mysterious inquirer! It's tied to the Screenname I used when I first began voice acting.

Ever hear of Mega Man? What about it's future spin off, Mega Man X? Well, in that game, the bosses typically are the animal themed "Mavericks".  One day, I returned to Newgrounds after a long absence and wondered what my screen name should be as I registered for the forums. Prior to that, I had been playing a few of the Mega Man X games back-to-back. With that fresh in my mind and during that same week, after testing out that newfangled search engine, Google (sorry Metacrawler, you've been replaced!), I looked into what a Dingo was after someone cracked a joke in class.

Since then I said, "those fuzzy orange dog-things are cool, and this name'll be weird enough for people to remember!"

Flashforward to the late 2000's! As I was making more videos, I wanted some form of branding, so, I whipped up a vector dingo head, thought of my profession + an electrical motif  and it's since stuck!

I originally made the name Electric Voicebox Media as a joke, but I started getting more focused on crafting projects. I felt having all of my works, be it voice work or video editing, under a single umbrella would be a nice form of branding and tell people,

"Hey, that David Dixon did that!"

I'm hoping to pursue more ambitious projects and really get things going!

ShockDingo! Now in stylish logo form!
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