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Golden Goodness, Battle Chef Bonanza, and Custom Commissions

Hello again me hearties! (Why am I a pirate??)

I hope you're all well! A few things have changed since the last update, first of all, my Street Fighter V analysis video, "G & Q: The Golden Question" is nearing 30,000 views! Thank you all for listening to this wacky canuck ramble on about Capcom's combat Abe Lincoln.

Since the last day of EVO 2018, G has been released and he's made quite the impression. Not only does he have an incredibly charismatic voice and demeanour, but his moves are quite visually impressive and fun to pull off. The other note-worthy thing about said moves are they are an almost exact match to Q's own moves, but as youtube user, Pombear points out, it is as if Q's movements are an inferior version of G's and may give evidence to them being the same person. While I'm open to the idea, I'm not yet convinced that G isn't some sort of executive and Q (among others) are his subordinates.

Since his reveal, how does my video stack up? Well, a good many of my predictions were wrong. First of all, after the Evo puzzle where G's "Message to the People" was uncovered, I imagined him to have a booming stately, pseudo-British voice. The reality? Not even close, hah. Instead he has a more iconic and engaging Posh Southern drawl. I feel that this was an interesting and welcome move, his voice is a lot more unique by avoiding the trope of most (potential) villains having a vaguely English tone.

Another interesting element that ran counter to my prediction is he generally seems altruistic, charming and kind, though there's some elements that make me believe this is an elaborate act.

I'm hoping to get back in gear and do a follow up video now that G's been set loose upon the world. I very much enjoy this character and hope he leaves a big impact in Street Fighter's history.


Good news for fans of the culinary combat game, Battle Chef Brigade! Trinket Studios has announced a brand new expansion coming August 28th! I hope you're all ready for Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe!!!

I hope you're hungry, for your second helping, we're serving:

  • Support for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam!

  • A brand new character, the Undead, all charming, Ziggy!

  • Local split-screen multiplayer

  • Survival Mode!

  • Free Play Mode!

  • A nifty gallery for your viewing pleasure!

  • A variety of improvements including bug fixes, colour blind mode, and more!

For more detailed information, take a look at the release notes here! Also, if you've already bought the game, good news! All of this savoury goodness comes as a FREE update! Everyone wins, those new to the series and those ready for a new course! Check it out and tell them ol' Thrash sent ya!


Last little update, I recently joined Ko-Fi! Now you may be wondering what that is, well it's a way to help out your favourite content creators with a tip! It's kind of like Patreon without the monthly commitment. It's offering full on flexibility, so if you want to donate once, or twice, or more, you're free to choose whatever option makes you most happy! Donations start at $3

In my case, for every donation, you get a custom voice clip! I'm offering a number of options, but am open to suggestions as well! You can have custom audio for your twitch streams, Youtube channel intros, get me to record a little bit of dialogue for lip sync practice, provide yourself with a memorable ringtone or more! Check out the video below for more information or click on the above image to go direct to the page!

That's it for now, I'm more motivated than ever, so expect to see more content from me soon! Until the next time everyone!


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