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Echoes of the Fey released and Golden Questions

Huzzah! First update!

Woodsy Studios Echoes of the Fet

The latest entry in Woodsy Studio's visual novel series has been released. Echoes of the Fey - The Last Sacrament has been released on steam and You can hear me in the game as Heremon ir-Caldy, Sofya's close friend, ally (and possibly something more)?

The series follows Sofya Rykov, a private investigator, in a fantasy realm who holds the distinction of being the only human who can weild magic (A skill usually reserved for the Leshin people, such as her doctor and close personal friend, Heremon ir-Caldy). The player gets to step in the shoes of this unique, multi-faceted heroine as she pursues intriguing mysteries, romance, political treachery by way of branching game paths which notably change characters and plots.

Each game in the series is a standalone adventure so you can feel free to jump straight into the adventure if you wish!

Woodsy Studio crafts captivating narratives, fully lived-in worlds and supplements that with music, voice acting and memorable characters. Check it out and spread the word!


I'm a huge fan of Capcom's arcade classic, Street Fighter. In the latest season of the latest entry, there's a new, mysterious Dishonest Abe, looking contender named G and he has me curious on...well just about every level. He clearly looks like a villain and his golden aesthetic matches the new visual elements for Street Fighter V: Arcade edition. (Methinks he is a boss of some sorts). What has me really interested is that he seems to be or is connected to Q, Street Fighter's walking creepypasta and object of massive internet speculation. (Seriously, it's been almost two decades since he appeared and there's barley info on him....that didn't stop me from doing a video on him either).

I'm so interested in G, that I threw my mic at my face and made a rather involved analysis video on how the two could be connected. If you're a fan of Q, looking to get some theories on this striking contender, or just like seeing lore and mysteries looked over by yours truly, grab a snack and check it out! Let me know what you think!

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