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Get Hyped with Hyperion and Flourish with Fools

Greetings everyone, a belated happy New Year to you all! I'm pleased to announce that I play Hyperion and the Narrator in Komi Games' bit of Marvelous Multiplayer Mayhem, Might Fight Federation!

It's a 4-player, arena fighting game akin to the Capcom classic Power Stone. It's got a VERY colourful cast of characters that are entertaining homages to a variety of pop culture archetypes and figures, it's got an amazing and captivating soundtrack and coming soon, it'll feature a thrilling story mode with illustrated and fully voiced sequences so that you can get a better view of this fantastical universe filled with hits and hype!

Check it out and have a Mighty fine time!


The next update deals with an old bit of fun, my Street Fighter pre-release analysis video, G & Q: The Golden Question currently sits at 45.4k views! Thank you to all who viewed, shared and engaged in theorizing alongside with me in the comments! I recently did a followup video on it that covered Street Fighter's newest mystery, G after his release. It took stock in what I said in "Golden Question", compared the speculation to what was actually revealed in his story campaign as well as many new details such as a budding connection to the Phenomenal Psychic, Rose!

Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think! Get ready for G & Q: Fool's Gold!

Several folks helped me bring this video to life:

  • I commissioned Gabriel Cortabraz to craft the beautiful G & Q sprites I used in title card

  • I commissioned Marsh to redesign my mascot, ShockDingo in a shiny new, heroic form

  • Mallory Echelmeyer provided excellent vocals to bring the endearing, Menat to life

  • Karen Hayman dazzled as the Sensei of Soul Power, Rose!

  • Manuela Maslana, a great friend, Patreon and awesome game dev! Check out her stuff on the hyperlink! She's making a really cool game that's a visual symphony for the eyes!

  • Kevin MacLeod, the KING of amazing, royalty free music. So many of his tracks have kept me going and given me so many options over the years.

Check out the amazing people above, they deserve all your love and support!

I think that's it for now folks, until next time! Stay busy, have fun and chase your dreams!

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